Is Laser Eye Surgery Right for You?

Curious about corrective laser eye surgery? Vista Eyecare is affiliated with Horizon Laser Vision Center right here in Saskatoon. Horizon was the first laser eye surgery clinic in Saskatchewan to offer IntraLase or “iLASIK”, the blade-free LASIK procedure approved for military pilots and astronauts. iLASIK replaces the handheld cutting tool traditionally used in the first step of LASIK eye surgery with a computer guided laser, and is the most advanced form of laser vision correction available.

During your complete eye examination, our optometrists can answer any questions you have about laser vision correction. If you proceed with surgery, most of your pre and post-operative examinations are performed right here at Vista Eyecare. Book an appointment today and find out if you are a candidate!

For more information about Horizon Laser Vision Center and iLASIK, visit

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