Back to School Blog #2 - How can my child have a vision problem but have no complaints?
August 31, 2016

As parents, we know our kids inside and out. We know when they are feeling sick, when they are sad, what their favourite toy is, etc. It is hard to think that we would not know if something was wrong with our child. Unfortunately, kids often have no symptoms when they have vision problems. This can be due to a number of things.

If their vision has been bad from birth, they assume that everyone sees the same way they do. They have always known that blurry green blobs are called leaves, they don’t know that other people see them as crisp blades.

If they had normal vision as young children but their eyes begin to change, the change is often very gradual so they don’t realize it is changing.

They may have one eye that doesn’t see as well as the other but they don’t know because they can compensate with their better seeing eye.

If they are reading and they start to feel sleepy or they get headaches, they may just think that they don’t like reading.

When they can’t focus on anything, it may be wrongfully diagnosed as ADD or ADHD when in reality they just can’t see well enough to focus on anything.

These are only a few examples of vision problems that can be detected with a routine eye exam that kids likely won’t complain about. This is why we recommend annual checkups, whether your child is having complaints or not. Eye exams are a quick and easy way to catch problems that can lead to poor academic performance.

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