Back to School Blog #3 - Tips for Buying Kid’s Glasses
September 7, 2016
If you’re a parent, you know kids can be rough on their glasses and may not want to wear them as often as they should. Our talented opticians have put together this list of tips that they like to discuss with parents to ensure their kids are getting the best glasses possible.


1. Choosing the right lens material

For children we always suggest using a lens material that is impact resistant and offers full UV protection. These materials are thinner and more lightweight, making the glasses more comfortable for your child. These lenses can be coated with scratch resistant coating and/or anti-glare coating based upon the needs of your child.

2. Making sure the bridge fits

This is important because if the bridge doesn’t fit, the glasses will always slide down your child’s nose. When this happens, they will end up looking over the glasses instead of actually using them. Whether you choose a plastic frame or a metal frame with adjustable nosepads, our staff are here to ensure it is a good fit and will not cause discomfort.

3. Getting proper lens thickness

We have lenses available that are thinner and flatter materials so that they are lighter and more comfortable as well as more visually appealing. We will also help choose an appropriately sized frame so that the lenses won’t be too thick on the edges. This is especially important when you have a higher prescription.

4. Involve your child in the decision

This is a very important factor because if your child doesn’t like his or her glasses, they probably won’t wear them. When they are more involved in frame selection, they will feel more invested in wearing them. Talk to the staff about your child’s favourite colour and anything you feel is really important in the glasses and they will help guide your child into making the best choice.

5. Consider a second pair

As we mentioned before, kids can be rough on their glasses. Having a backup pair ensures that if their glasses break, they will still be able to see to do their daily activities and school work. If your child is very active in sports you may want to consider a sport-specific pair. These frames are designed to protect your child’s eyes and stand up to impact. This is one of the reasons we love the Eye-M-Growing program which offers a second set of lenses free.

As always, our staff are always available to answer your questions and help with selection, no appointment necessary.

Back to School Blog #3 - Tips for Buying Kid’s Glasses
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