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Are There Disadvantages to Cataract Surgery?

A close-up of an elderly man wearing eyeglasses with a developing cataract on his right eye.

Changes to your glasses or contact lenses can help provide visual clarity as cataracts develop. However, only cataract surgery can restore clear vision in cases of advanced cataracts.  Cataract surgery is typically safe and effective and has transformed many lives by restoring clear vision. Like any medical procedure, cataract surgery is not without potential risks […]

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Should I Wear Blue Light Glasses All Day?

A close-up of a woman with blue light reflected on her glasses from a screen

In today’s technology-driven world, many of us spend a significant portion of our day glued to screens. Whether for work, school, or leisure, our digital devices emit blue light, sparking concerns about its impact on eye health and digital eye strain.  In response, blue light glasses have gained popularity as a potential solution. Blue light […]

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Can You Use Contact Lens Solution after the Expiry Date?

A young woman pouring contact lens solution in a contact lens container.

Contact lenses are a great way to correct vision without having to wear glasses. They can provide freedom of movement and clear vision, but contact lenses do come with some additional responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is properly caring for your lenses, which, if they are reusable, includes regularly disinfecting your lenses between wears.  If […]

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Are Astigmatism and Myopia the Same?

Young woman with glasses against a blue background shrugging in confusion

Refractive errors are common eye conditions that can cause blurred vision and other symptoms. Comprehensive eye exams can help detect eye conditions like refractive errors, and your optometrist can help you achieve clear vision. Myopia and astigmatism are two of the most common refractive errors. While they share some similarities, they are two different conditions.  […]

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Can Myopia Be Reversed?

Happy child being tested for myopia with her parents beside her

Something often asked by patients is whether we can reverse myopia. It’s an understandable question since nearly 30% of the Canadian population is myopic. The short answer is no; optometrists cannot completely reverse myopia. However, with proper myopia management in children, we can often control it and slow its progression.  Myopia treatment begins with understanding […]

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