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Taking the Time to Meet Your Needs

Eye exams are about much more than simply providing a prescription for glasses. We customize our eye exams to address your eye health concerns and aim to diagnose eye diseases before they become a problem. Our eye doctors never rush the testing process—you can expect a thorough check-up and welcoming atmosphere every time you visit us.

Let us help you take control of your visual health. Our team at Vista Eyecare is ready to use our knowledge and technology to help you see well and look great.

When to Visit Vista Eyecare 

Regular eye exams can be the difference between healthy vision and compromised eyesight. The Canadian Association of Optometrists has outlined a schedule for adult and senior eye exams:

  • Adults aged 20 to 39 should receive an eye exam every 2 to 3 years.
  • Adults aged 40 to 64 should receive an eye exam at least once every 2 years.
  • Adults over age 65 should receive an eye exam once every year.

Everyone’s eye health needs are different, so your optometrist may recommend a custom schedule for you.

What We Look For

Our testing process and technology can diagnose eye conditions even before you notice a problem.

We check for eye diseases like:

Our Comprehensive Process

When you walk into our office, relax and let us guide you through our comprehensive eye exam process. 

Case History

Let’s get to know your story! Many eye conditions are hereditary, so if you have family members with eye problems, we want to hear about it. We also need to know if you have medical conditions that could affect your eyes, like diabetes. Bring a list of your medications if you can, along with your current glasses and contact lenses.

This test measures your ability to see objects of different sizes at a distance and near. This helps us determine if your eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions need to be changed and detect any red flags or if you might have an eye health problem. If you can picture the classic eye chart, then you’re familiar with a visual acuity test.

Peripheral vision loss can be an early sign of some eye diseases, like glaucoma. We use the Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer to ensure your peripheral vision is working as it should. It’s a non-invasive test that utilizes soft flashing lights to identify areas of vision loss.

We use the Optos California Ultra-Widefield29 and Canon CR-1 digital retinal cameras to obtain crystal clear images of your retina. These pictures help us identify abnormalities at the back of your eye. Digital retinal imaging is a non-invasive test that helps us diagnose eye diseases early.

The last stage of an eye exam is all about communication. We’ll let you know if you need any additional testing and if your prescription has changed. We’ll also happily help you find a new pair of glasses or contact lenses.

Prioritizing Your Visual Health

Vista Eyecare prioritizes keeping your vision sharp and catching the first signs of potentially harmful eye conditions.

Come visit our eye doctors to make sure you see your best and that your eyes are protected for the future.


Visit us in Saskatoon on Morgan Avenue, right behind the 8th Street Dairy Queen. There’s plenty of free parking.

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